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Historical impacts

Since March 2009 to today, there has been significant development at Daugbjerg Maskiner.

The company got established in a back yard in Viborg. It started with sales of construction machinery, and quickly became a success, more space was required. In november of 2010 Daugbjerg Maskiner moved to Hjulmagervej 1, where there was enough room – For almost 10 years atleast. The company moved to Hjulmagervej 21B, where there was even more space. We are constantly working on becoming the primary importer of construction machinery and equipment through sharing our knowledge and sharing information on our online platforms

Ongoing adaptation of facilities and dealer network

Daugbjerg Maskiner experiences great growth, we are constantly evolving our physical stores and our dealer network, so we’re able to service the customer professionally. As a customer you’ll be getting a clear message about all regarding the order of your requested equipment. We use a carefully chosen dealer network, they are close to you, and can service and do necessary reparations as fast as possible with the best quality, so you can keep your company running.

Machines and equipment to customers

Daugbjerg Maskiner’s main focus is to offer the best machines and equipment to customers within agriculture, landscape gardeners, entrepreneur and free time use. Therefore, we also set high quality standards for ourselves and our products.


Hyundai Machinery

We import various construction machinery from Hyundai – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of this type of machinery. With their wide range, we can offer our customers solutions for everything from small light excavation tasks to large complete construction projects.

Read more about the Hyundai machines here

Pitbull Machinery

We are importers of Pitbull skid steer loaders (or compact loaders, as we prefer to call them) throughout Scandinavia. Pitbull is among the strongest and most stable machines on the market. It can lift very heavy loads without losing its balance. It is designed for a wide range of tasks with handling of many different materials – almost a Swiss army knife within skid steer loaders.

See the machines here

Accessories and optional equipment

To ensure a high utility value of the machines, we offer a wide range of accessories and additional equipment in the form of grapples, buckets, scrapers, forks and other tools for solving various tasks. We have a large number of different brands and types.

Find your accessories, attachments and fittings here

Used machinery and equipment

And finally, we sell used tools and machinery. We regularly have more items for sale. So be quick and make a bargain.

See our current used construction machinery here

We are always available for any questions on tel. 87 27 12 97 or 24 86 75 00.

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