Genie GS-1930

38.000,00 kr.

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GENIE GS-1930 is the reliable solution for your lifting and work platform needs. With its compact yet powerful design, this lift is ready to help you reach new heights.

  • Platform height of up to 7.79 meters: Provides access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy maneuverability: The compact size makes it easy to navigate in tight spaces.
  • Reliable performance: Built to deliver consistent and safe lifting capacity.
  • Transport-friendly: Easy to move to different work sites.
  • Year 1999: Well-maintained and ready for tasks.
  1. GENIE GS-1930 from 1999 is the ideal lifting solution for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Whether you work in maintenance, construction, or warehouse operations, this lift will help you perform the work safely and efficiently.
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