Komatsu PC14R-3HS

148.000,00 kr.

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KOMATSU PC14R-3HS is the compact mini excavator that brings power and precision to even the tightest job sites. This machine is equipped with a range of features that make it ideal for digging and construction tasks.

Equipment includes:

  • Half-automatic Tiltmann S30/150 with hook: Enhances versatility and precision in excavation work.
  • Grading bucket (100 cm): Perfect for leveling and adjusting surfaces.
  • Digging buckets (60 cm and 40 cm): Tackle tasks of various sizes and complexities.
  1. KOMATSU PC14R-3HS from 2016 is the ideal machine for excavation tasks, landscaping, and construction projects. It combines a compact design with power and precision to ensure you complete the work efficiently.
  2. Whether you work in construction, gardening, or maintenance, this mini excavator will help you increase productivity and deliver high-quality results.
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Leasing price

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  • Leasing period

    60 months

Tehnical details and extras

Weight: 1.61 t,

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