Mantall XE80N

85.000,00 kr.

Alle priser er Excl. moms. Der tages forbehold for prisstigninger.


MANTALL XE80N is an impressive scissor lift from Mantall, which has been purchased brand new and now has only 20 hours on the clock. The lift is in perfect condition, just like new, and is ready for delivery. This lift can elevate you to a maximum height of 8 meters while ensuring a stable lifting experience. The batteries are easily accessible, and the basket is user-friendly.

Key features include:

  • Maximum working height of 8 meters: Provides access to high places and work at heights.
  • Stable lift: Ensures safety and precision during work.
  • Easily accessible batteries: Simplify maintenance and charging.
  • User-friendly basket: Provides the operator with easy access and control.
  1. MANTALL XE80N from 2022 is the ideal solution for tasks that require working at heights. It combines reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness to ensure that you can work safely and efficiently.
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Leasing price

  • One time payment

  • Monthly price

  • Leasing period

    60 months

Tehnical details and extras

Max height: 8 m,
Weight kg: 1225,

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