Mecalac MCL8

295.000,00 kr.

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Introducing the MECALAC MCL8, the advanced mini loader from 2022 with only 140 operating hours. This machine is designed for versatile performance and comes complete with a bucket and pallet fork set, making it ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Key features include:

  • Low operating hours: With only 140 hours on the clock, the MECALAC MCL8 is a state-of-the-art mini loader that is still in its prime performance.
  • Versatile bucket: With the included bucket, you can handle materials with precision and efficiency on any job site.
  • Pallet fork set: Increase the machine’s versatility with the included pallet fork set, making loading and material handling a breeze.

The MECALAC MCL8 from 2022 is built to meet the demanding needs of modern job sites. It combines advanced technology with efficiency and reliability to ensure optimal performance.

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Equipment: Skovl og pallegaffelsæt,

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